Mikhail A. Malakhaltsev 
    The Lie derivative and cohomology of $G$-structures 
(Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics, Vol.3, pp.197-200)

J.F.~Pommaret constructed the so-called Spencer $P$-complex for a differential operator. Applying this construction to the Lie derivative associated with a general pseudogroup structure on a smooth manifold, he defined the deformation cohomology of a pseudogroup structure. The aim of this paper is to specify this complex for a particular case of pseudogroup structure, namely, for a first-order $G$-structure, and to express this complex in differential geometric form, i.\,e., in terms of tensor fields and the covariant derivative. We show that the Pommaret construction provides a powerful tool for associating a differential complex to a $G$-structure. In a unified way one can obtain the Dolbeaut complex for the complex structure, the Vaisman complex for the foliation structure, and the Vaisman--Molino cohomology for the structure of manifold over an algebra.
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